Space Explorers Science Theme party

Space Explorers Party

Quick Facts
Space Explorers
R1, 950.00
Age Appropriate:
6 yrs +
Venue requirements:
Half a tennis court worth of grass
Other Requirements:
Access to tap for water
Ideal Number of Kids:
Maximum Number of Kids:
30, special arrangements can be arranged for larger groups.

Andy’s Action Parties Space Explorers Party is all about rockets space and the science behind it all, this party takes children on a journey of scientific discovery while having a blast.

The Space Explorers Party activities include: the water pump rocket, stomp rockets, balloon rocket races, spontaneous combustion experiment, planetary base running, forces or nature tug of war, paper jet challenges, paintball rocketry and finishing with the launch of a model rocket.

The Space Explorers Party is suitable for children aged 6 years and older.

Space Explorers Party: R1, 950.00(Up 30 kids)

There is no travel fee for the Space Explorers Party within 50km of our offices. See our Travel Charges Here

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