Army Party

Army Party

Quick Facts
Army Party
R1, 950.00
Age Appropriate:
6 yrs +
Venue requirements:
Half a tennis court worth of grass
Other Requirements:
Access to tap, for water
Ideal Number of Kids:
Maximum Number of Kids:
30, special arrangements can be arranged for larger groups.

Andy’s Action Parties Army Party is the original Action Party. Our drill sergeant will put your children through their paces in a fun and exciting way.

The Army Party consist’s of high action activities like running, jumping, leopard crawling, tug of war and target shooting. A game of capture the flag with water pistols is always a highlight of the Army Party

Children will also be safely shown how to use a paintball gun and get to shoot it at a target. The forfeits of push ups and sit ups add to the fun and competitive element of the Army Party

Army Party: R1, 950.00(Up 30 kids)

There is no travel fee for the Army Party within 50km of our offices. See our Travel Charges Here

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