Amazing Race Party

Quick Facts
Amazing Race
R1, 950.00
Age Appropriate:
6 yrs +
Venue requirements:
Half a tennis court worth of grass
Other Requirements:
Access to tap, for water
Ideal Number of Kids:
Maximum Number of Kids:
30, special arrangements can be arranged for larger groups.

Andy’s Action Parties Amazing Race Party takes children on a race lasting approximately 90 minutes. Teams move from one base to the next completing challenges along the route. The answer to each challenge forms the combination to an electronic safe that contains a prize for the winners. A roadblock and a detour along the way add some spice to the race.

The Amazing Race Party challenges include: building a puzzle, solving a code, counting balls, finding blocks, throwing at targets, shooting a paintball gun and relay style races.

The Amazing Race Party is suitable for children aged 9 years and older.

Amazing Race Party: R1, 950.00(Up 30 kids)

There is no travel fee for the Amazing Race Party within 50km of our offices. See our Travel Charges Here

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